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My name's Jacek Syska.

I am graduated from A. Kenar Art Secondary School in Zakopane. My specialization is String instrument building. I've been working as string instrument maker since 1983 and I've been member of the Polish String Instruments Makers' Union for that time. I can make new master String instruments such as cellos, violas and violins as well. Part of my work is repairing and correction of contrabass, cellos, violas and violins. I've been taken part in varicus String instrument competitions such as Henryk Wieniawski International Competition in Poznań. I used to get satisfying results.

My son Tomasz graduated the A. Kenar State Art Secondary School in Zakopane and builds instruments in father's workshop.

2010-2014 - Podhalanska Professional National High School in Nowy Targ, specialization: Architecture and Urban Planning, I degree studies - technologist

2015-2016 - Politechnika Wroclawska, Architecture department, specialization: Architecture and protection of monuments, II degree - master's degree

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